Our Process

While each project is unique, this is our basic 8 step process.
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Contact Us

Use our contact form or call us at 567.876.9952 or 567.876.9953 to share your ideas. We will connect with you and schedule a time to meet and discuss project details.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation we will introduce you to our company, discuss your project ideas, examine your space and listen to your awesome ideas. We do not charge for this service.

Preliminary Design & Estimate

We apply the information gathered to develop concept sketches for your project along with preliminary cost estimates. Upon completing the initial designs we will contact you to set up a second consultation. We offer free estimates and do not charge you for this service.

Follow Up Consultation

During this meeting we will go over concepts and pricing estimates while you provide feedback. We do not charge for this consultation and will leave the price quotes with you. In the event you are ready to proceed further into the process, we will leave the sketches, designs and renderings with you for an applicable design fee based on the scope of your project(s). Should you hire us, we will subtract this design fee.

Final Design and Budget Approval

After making any necessary revisions to the plans, specifications and budget based on your feedback. We will contact you to set up a contract and budget approval meeting. Once you approve the final designs, budget and materials we require a 5% scheduling deposit. This fee will lock you into our schedule while we prepare applicable documents & drawings to acquire zoning, HOA approvals, and/or any permits needed to start your project.

Construction Contract Meeting

Prior to beginning construction, all parties agree and sign a contract which specifies details related to your project. At this point we require a deposit equal to 45% of the total proposal. In most cases that is all you will owe until the project is finished. On larger projects we will provide timeline milestones to request project draws.

Construction Phase

Once final selections are made, materials have been ordered, and any permits needed have been approved, we can begin construction on your project. Since we exclusively complete only one project at a time, we are available every day to discuss progress, changes, add-on's or unforeseen issues through completion.

Project Completion

Completion! You finally get to enjoy your new intimate space! At this point we will present warranty documentation along with a final invoice. Enjoy!
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