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Our Process

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1. Contact

Initial Contact
Upon initial contact we schedule a free site assessment where we meet to discuss your project, listen to your ideas and answer questions.

Site Analysis
Analyze existing property including views, topography, drainage patterns, prominent natural features, existing plantings, architectural style, scale of the house, color palette and building materials used as they play an influential role in the design.
Preliminary Design & Budget Development
We apply the information gathered to develop concept drawings and/or renderings of your project along with inital cost estimates. Upon completing the initial designs we meet with you to discuss and receive feedback.

If applicable, design changes or alterations to the are made. We then meet again to review. 

Final Design
After preliminary ideas and budget considerations are made, we render the final design. The completed plan and / or permit drawings will include structural specifications, proposed landscaping, and material lists.

Prior to beginning construction, all parties agree and sign a contract which specifies all aspects of the project. We also provide a COI (certificate of insurance) and permit / zoning paperwork if applicable.

Deposit Payment
Deposit required to begin your project. The deposit amount and any draws are specified in your contract.
Project Implementation
Each project is unique and we finish all phases in accordance to our agreement. 

Walkthrough to determine minor project details still to be completed.

Punchout items finished and project completed.

Final Payment
Remaining project balance due.

Project Packet
Each client receives a project packet which contains information regarding warranties and product information.


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